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Legal Services

You can count on Samurai Law to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more information on any of our services. For more details of our terms, please visit our T&C's page.

Affordable Legal Assistance

Keep your head above water with our affordable rates and online help centre.

Rates below are an annual fee, unless stated otherwise.

We will have a friendly telephone conversation, free of charge and without obligation, to see how Samurai Law can help you best.


We are confident that through our online help desk, face to face legal assistance and McKenzie Friend services, we can provide you with affordable access to the law.

Initial Consultation

Business not big enough to have a legal team?  We can help you with issues with clients, contracts, suppliers, staff, dispute resolution, non-payment, etc.


Our rate above is for our business legal assistance for your business for one year, regardless for amount of issues and hours we spend assisting you.

The above rate is for small businesses, please contact us for a quote if you are a larger company needing assistance.

Business Clients

A 'McKenzie Friend' is a term used in law as someone who helps a litigant in person (or defendant) with quiet support and assistance in court. We can be there with you every step of the way.


NOTE: This service is charged at a minimal 1 hour, paid in advance, then we operate an additional standard 6 minute per unit (10 units per hour) charge, billed separately.

McKenzie Friend

Our community rate covers anyone in the general public that would like legal information and assistance.


Our rate above covers you and your immediate family for one year. It doesn't matter how many times you use us, ask us questions or how many hours we spend assisting you.

We are also able to support you in a court appearance if needed as a McKenzie Friend (see below for hourly rate)

Community Rate

We understand that accessing legal help is expensive, after all that's why Samurai Law was founded; to give people greater access to the law.

If you are on a low income, benefits, or have other special circumstances, contact us to see how we can help.

We may be able to offer half price, further discounts, no win no fee and even pro bono work (free).

Discount Rate

We can accompany and represent you, as a litigant in person, in court for a Small Claims hearing.

This gives you the piece of mind that your arguments are being out across to the judge and provides you with the support you need on the day.

Contact us for more info about representing you in court.


Quite often we tend to get stuck in a dispute and end up going round in circles... sound familiar?​

A mediator can be an effective, unbiased and affordable way of ending your dispute without the need for court, in a calm structured way.

Mediation can take place face to face, via telephone or online and our rate is just £50 per person for up to 4 hours.


The court process is daunting. We can help you to get your files, court bundles & information organised. We will also help you to find any case law or legislation that may be helpful to you. 

NOTE: This service is charged for 1 hour minimal, paid in advance, then we operate a standard 6 minute (10 units per hour) charge, billed separately.

Court Preperation

Just have a question for us about the law, or an area of law?...

.... no problem, we can answer your one question without the need for annual payments or meetings, etc.

£7 per question and we will explain the answer till you are happy the question has been answered for you.

Just a Question?