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+ Scope of Services 


This statement is to explain Samurai Law's status in offering a provision of legal services. As Paralegal Lawyers, we are not entitled to practise in the same way as a solicitors or barristers. Therefore, in providing any legal services to you we are not acting as a solicitor or barrister and we are not subject to many of the rules which regulate practicing solicitors or barristers. 


This limits the services we can provide to you. We can provide you with legal assistance (as a Litigation Friend/McKenzie Friend) and represent you before certain Tribunals and in the Small Claims Court, but we cannot exercise rights of audience in Court, meaning that we have no automatic right to represent you in any open court without the express permission of the court. However, we are able to assist you and guide you through the court process and help you complete court documents.

These terms and conditions shall govern the contract between (A) Samurai Law Ltd whose registered office is situated at 2a Gannon Road, Worthing, BN11 2AD (Company No. 11856471) (“Samurai Law” “we”) and (B) you (“you”) (“your”). Samurai Law may agree modifications to these terms but such modifications must be in writing signed by Samurai Law and cannot be inferred.


Samurai Law is a legal service run by paralegal lawyers servicing the legal assistance needs of private individuals and businesses. We provide ancillary legal assistance and legal services. Samurai Law confirm your instructions to act as your legal assistants in relation to the matters set out herewith. None of our advise constitutes specific legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances and we are not authorised to, and will not, carry out any of the 'reserved activities' that are only reserved for Solicitors, Barristers & Chartered Legal Executives.


Samurai Law can provide an initial consultation meeting, in your home, office or other meeting place or by way of phone call of up to half an hour’s duration, free of charge and without obligation.


3.1  During the initial free of charge consultation, we will usually estimate the time requirement for completing the work and advise on our rates.

3.2  We reserve the right to review any estimate if the matter becomes more complex or the time required is longer than originally anticipated. In such circumstances, we shall notify you in writing.

3.3  Our hourly rate as part thereof. Samurai law's basic hourly rates are £25 per hour for legal assistance and £40 per hour for McKenzie Friend services. We review these rates annually.

3.4  We operate a standard 6 minute per unit system (10 units per hour). Any work that takes up to 6 minutes is charged at one unit. Work lasting 7 minutes up to 12 minutes would be charged as 2 units and so forth. We always charge a minimum of 1 hour for McKenzie Friend services and take a deposit of 1 hour for other legal and advisory services.

3.5  We generally require payment on account from all clients. If the matter does not proceed then we will refund you the sum paid less the chargeable cost of the time spent under para 3.3.

3.6  We will make a separate charge with no uplift for all additional expenses (such as postage and third party professionals).

3.7  Any queries on costs, will be happy to provide supporting information and to discuss matters with you.


4.1 All Samurai Law invoices are sent out on a weekly basis and payment of invoices is required immediately.

4.2 In the event that your account remains outstanding in excess of fourteen (14) days of the issue date, we reserve the right at our discretion to charge reasonable administration costs and/or interest on the outstanding amounts.

4.3 We endeavour to accommodate clients of limited means but we cannot ignore unpaid accounts. We will not undertake further work on behalf of a client who has an overdue account until it is paid.



You are entitled to end our instructions in writing at any time and a final bill will be issued to you for work undertaken. If there are costs outstanding, we will not pass the file of papers back to you or to new advisors until those costs have been paid. Any pre-paid annual fees are non-refundable as they are heavily discounted services. 


We agree as follows:

- to assist you professionally with due care and skill.

- to keep you fully updated.
- to deal with your matter diligently and without undue delay.
- to maintain a duty of confidentiality to you in relation to all of your dealings with us.

- to always act in good faith with you.
- to advise you immediately should we have any conflict of interest on any matter.


The receipt of your instructions by us, whether verbally or in writing shall constitute your acceptance of and agreement to Samurai Law’s Standard Terms and Conditions (as set out herein) and shall be conclusive evidence of contract.

Any of these provisions which may be unenforceable shall (to that extent) be severable.

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed so as to create a partnership, joint venture or agency agreement, nor shall it confer any rights on any third party.

If you are at any time unhappy with the service provided then you should in the first instance contact Mark Guthrie of Samurai Law.

This is the entire agreement between you and Samurai Law and is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.



Samurai Law reserves the right to terminate access to our site and block future use of our services if we deem these Terms of Use have been violated.

Please Note: 

We offer paralegal lawyer and McKenzie Friend services and there are legal rules and regulations with regards to these activities. Paralegals can not conduct litigation or speak on behalf of a client in court unless there is express permission from the courts to do so. Paralegals do not have a right to audience (appear before or address a court). Paralegals cannot conduct litigation or run a clients case, including signing any documents on behalf of a client.

McKenzie Friend Services are not legal services and a McKenzie Friend is not allowed to speak on your behalf in court, unless invited to do so by the court. McKenzie Friends are not allowed to run your case for you or sign any documentation on your behalf.

We aim to provide you with a good service and if you have any concerns about what we do for you, please let us know and we will try to resolve the problem. But you should know that you would have only limited rights to complain about us to anyone else. 

The Legal Ombudsman, which can adjudicate on complaints about poor service by practising barristers and solicitors, cannot consider any complaint against me, because we are paralegals and therefore, this is beyond their remit.